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I'm not a box, I don't have sides.

This is it, one side fits all!

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Birthdate:Jun 29

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aesthetically pleasing writing, associating songs with people, being uncomfortably energetic, big sunglasses, cherry flavored anything, collecting dvds, cute text messages, digital cameras, dimples, driving barefooted, faking an english accent, fanfiction, fangirling, freckled skin, getting what i want, having girl crushes, hugs, ice cream, kissing, laughing for no reason, livejournal, looking for peanut m&ms, love/hate relationships, lyrical writing, making somebody's day, manicures, mis-setting my alarm clock, movie nights, observing people's traits, outrageous or obnoxious gifs, photography, photoshop, presents (giving/receiving), quoting song lyrics, reading for hours straight, rediscovering music, simple things, sleepovers, smiling, snuggling, soundtracks, straight rows of trees, swimming at night, the smell of sharpies, unlimited texting,, watching tv shows,
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